We believe evolved and connected leaders are a positive force in the world

We are a global community of Business Leaders, Field experts, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Partners who grow together and connect for valuable opportunities, share best practices, do business, and open doors for each other.

Our purpose is to accelerate your personal, professional, and business growth, and to provide access to collective intelligence to make better decisions.

We gather in peer groups based on trust and commitment, supporting each other on crucial decisions, to achieve our goals, and build an extraordinary life.

Our platform generates experiences, learning, and exchange. We gain the clarity that emerges from the collective intelligence of a group of proven leaders. Because we know that together we are wiser.

Our Values

Authentic We show our true selves — because transparency strengthens our bonds and allows us to make more meaningful improvements.
Connected Our open communication and sharing of best practices multiplies our impact.
Committed We are dedicated to helping each other make conscious and purposeful decisions that have lasting effects.
Open-minded Seeing reality is more important than being right. We challenge each other’s ideas to help view different perspectives.
Visionary Since good is never good enough, we challenge each other to break barriers and continuously evolve together.
Balanced Success is a lifelong journey to be enjoyed with a network of like-minded friends.

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