“We believe evolved and connected leaders are a positive force in the world”.

Manolo Vega Chairman & President, Renaissance Executive Forums
Leaders don’t have to feel alone at the top.
Renaissance Executive Forums has been helping business leaders solve professional and personal challenges through collective intelligence since 1994. Based on trust and commitment, our carefully selected peer groups include members from entrepreneurial to enterprise sized companies around the world.

As conscious business leaders move forward, decisions become harder and the stakes become higher. With Renaissance Executive Forums, you do not have to face these challenges alone. We connect you to like-minded leaders from non-competing industries that can help you navigate your work, life, and self.

Help power our collective intelligence network and make a positive impact on the world.

Our Values

It’s our responsibility to help you reach your maximum potential and lead a more meaningful life.
Authentic We show our true selves — because transparency strengthens our bonds and allows us to make more meaningful improvements.
Open-minded Seeing reality is more important than being right. We challenge each other’s ideas to help view different perspectives.
Visionary Since good is never good enough, we challenge each other to break barriers and continuously evolve together.
Connected Our open communication and sharing of best practices multiplies our impact.
Committed We are dedicated to helping each other make conscious and purposeful decisions that have lasting effects.
Balanced Success is a lifelong journey to be enjoyed with a network of like-minded friends.

Our Global CEO is also a Forum Leader

“5 years ago I assumed the position of Forum Leader. I see several similarities between that role and the role of a Corporate Board”
Julio Noriega Global CEO, Renaissance Executive Forums

Meet some of our Forum Leaders

The Group, led by a Forum Leader, becomes a Peer Advisory Board and a circle of Trust, a group of close friends with whom you feel very comfortable being yourself, having a good time, and sharing your best professional and personal practices.
Susan Kuruvilla
Partner and Forum Leader since 2020. The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Growth Consultant and Board Member.
We embark on a personal, professional, and business growth path that points to your next level in each of these dimensions. The Group helps you clarify your vision, face your challenges, and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you along the journey.
Lee Self
Partner and Forum Leader since 2003. University of Virginia and MBA from George Mason University. Vice President at Verizon and Interland.
Collective intelligence is the result of having objective perspective and proven business leaders dealing with crucial decisions (both personal and professional). In my experience, there is nothing more powerful than this.
Carlos Kempff
Partner & Forum Leader since 2008. MIT Sloan School of Management - MSc, Management. Board Member of a business conglomerate.
I am passionate about facilitating, articulating, and listening. As a Forum Leader, I have the opportunity to help business leaders so that their well-being has a positive impact on their lives and their companies.
Alan Gegenschatz
Partner & Forum Leader since 2013. Cambridge University, Stanford University, Warwick, Hyper Island. Founder and Director OutObox AG Ltd.
To join a peer group to evolve personally and professionally seemed irresistible to me. Being a Forum Leader has been much more rewarding than I could imagine. Today, 16 years later, it is one of my sources of highest personal satisfaction.
Rodolfo Baquerizo
Partner & Forum Leader since 2004. Harvard University, and MBA from MIT. Founder and partner of a conglomerate of real state companies.

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