Our purpose is to accelerate your personal, professional and business growth.

Our purpose is to accelerate your personal, professional and business growth.

Why become a member?

Your personal peer advisory board of global leaders and experts.

Members are able to bring their greatest professional or personal challenges to the table to receive direct, constructive, actionable feedback. Their peer group, composed of experienced business leaders who understand the complexities and challenges of leading are able to share their diverse perspectives.

By capitalizing on the powerful Collective Intelligence of a proven group of leaders, members are able to make better decisions, clarify their visions, face challenges with confidence, and take full advantage of untold opportunities during their journey with Executive Forums. Together our members design the life they want to have.

Founded in the USA 30 years ago, and now with a flourishing global presence composed exclusively of CEOs, presidents, founders, and industry leaders from varied backgrounds, we provide a platform that propels members forward. Each executive forum brings together these powerful minds to form Peer Advisory Boards, of 12 to 15 members that do not compete with each other, but instead cheer for each other's success.

These groups meet monthly with a clear objective: to harness the group's Collective Intelligence to drive better strategic decisions, consult each other on how to face new and evolving challenges head-on, and embark on new experiences of growth and learning. In an environment of absolute confidentiality, the time you invest in your meetings will always prove valuable as you leave feeling more empowered, informed, and supported than you did before. Guided by a Forum Leader that meticulously follows REF’s exclusive methodology, each meeting is a journey from which you will emerge changed for the better.

Take your place at the forum.

About our Memberships

Membership includes access to exclusive events with global experts, international groups with members of the same industry, a global online resource center, special access to top partnership programs, meaningful off-sites experiences and much more.

Our Community

REF functions as a HUB for Business Leaders. The Community extends beyond the Group, as it connects you to over 2.5k Entrepreneurs, Members, Forum Leaders, Partners, Ambassadors and Global Speakers with whom you can share best practices, connect and access opportunities in other markets.
Business leaders responsible for developing the REF operations in their territories, integrating new Forum Leaders and Members into the Community.
Speakers who are experts in their field and who want to share relevant knowledge to our members, inspire leaders, and belong to our community.
Business leaders who benefit from direct, objective, and constructive feedback from the REF value proposition and Community.
Forum Leaders
Forum Leaders are like alchemists, because they combine different profiles and experiences, which in the right proportions, generate Collective Intelligence and extraordinary results. The Forum Leader is responsible for creating a culture of openness, commitment and confidentiality.
Business Leaders, connectors, and go-getters by nature who understand and share our purpose and strive to represent us to potential members.

Membership Additional Components

01 Expert Insights
A space where global experts in relevant topics across personal, professional, and business growth share knowledge with our community in order to stay current and continue our evolution journey.
02 Development programs
Dedicated to the Community’s personal and professional growth, we offer exclusive access to a vast range of courses and programs in order to reach our next level.
03 Resource center
Leaders must stay relevant while navigating an infinite amount of information available. We select and curate relevant content daily into our online repository dedicated to personal, professional, and business evolution. Everything you need in one place, exclusively for our members. Access our expertly curated insights by following our LinkedIn Page and Subscribing to our Monthly Newsletter.
04 Industry talks
Tap into the Community’s Collective Intelligence in these special forums dedicated to connecting with members by industry. Gain and contribute with local and global exclusive insights of your industry.
05 Events
Exclusive events gather business and thought Leaders at a local and global level to generate learning, experience, and exchange among our members.
06 Unique experiences
These exclusive retreats combine leisure with business and networking, from meditation in the Patagonia to exploring a new city, we value member bonding and the valuable exchange generated that cannot be replicated in any other way.

What To Expect at your Forum

Meetings are tailored to each group’s composition and needs.

The Forum’s structure is divided into 3 segments.

In the first segment, called the Educational Component, a guest expert discusses a relevant topic of interest to the group. In the second segment, called the Round Table, we open up a space for reflection and planning. Finally, in the third segment, called the Case, one or two members present their major challenges so the other group members can advise them on what they would do in their situation (shoes/place).