We are a global community of Business Leaders, Field experts, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Partners who grow together.

We are a global community of Business Leaders, Field experts, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Partners who grow together.

Our memberships

Top Executive

Our Top Executive program is exclusively for CEOs, Presidents, Founders, Business Owners and General Managers. A membership for those who champion their companies and change industries.

  • CEO / President / Business owner or equivalent.
  • A benchmark track record of success, respect and influence among their leadership community, reputable, and trustworthy.
  • A champion for their own success and that of their peers.
  • Eager to face life’s challenges more empowered, supported and open to fresh perspectives.
Key Executive

This program is for key executives in their companies that are strong leaders but want to become more empowered in their roles, challenge the boundaries of their industry and always seek to be someone that enriches the team to which they belong.

  • Individuals that report directly to the CEO and play a key role in the executive team.
  • 15 Years of business leadership experience that makes them a benchmark of business in their community.
  • Eager to push the frontier of what’s possible in their industry and grow as a leader while helping others as well.

A membership for managing founders or owners of businesses that disrupt industries, set trends and have a sharp eye for recognizing and seizing opportunity. An optimist and an innovator with a double-digit growth vision, we believe you will continue to thrive at your place among other top-tier entrepreneurs.

  • Someone who has built up at least one successful venture and whose life experiences have taken them on extraordinary projects.
  • A visionary willing to recognize value in opportunities and seize them.
  • One who sees the value in a support network of other innovators that push and encourage you.
High Potential

Built specifically for individuals that have been identified as having a high potential by their company, this membership is tailored to help talented and ambitious members unleash their full promise. Among other talented peers that help empower and nurture your strengths, we expect members of this group to hone their talents, expand their knowledge and become ready for any challenge.

  • Must be nominated and sponsored by the company that believes in their potential and wants to help them develop it for success.

Our Investor Membership invites individuals with a diversity of investment knowledge and experience to take their seat at a table of other investment powerhouses. These members must have a desire to actively invest in budding and established opportunities, help each other to spot global trends and opportunities and share investment knowledge with their peers. Surrounded by top-tier investors, you gain a peer advisory board with a sharp eye for spotting opportunities and the wealth of experience to help you navigate them.

  • Minimum investment capacity of $5M of investable assets.

We are a fast-growing global community.

Join us and become a partner or a forum leader

The organization is in the process of expansion and we are looking for Partners, Forum Leaders, Ambassadors and Global Speakers. Each of these roles involves different profiles, time commitments, compensation, packages and benefits.